Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Starting off

Well, this is my first blog post ever. At this moment I'm feeling a little worn out as I'm just getting over the flu but over all I feel pretty good. Please feel free to join in this little revolution and post your thoughts. As the title suggests, it doesn't have to be anymore than how's your day going.


medebonis said...

While I do subscribe to a number of blogs, unless the blog has something to contribute to my day, I am not interested in participating in it.
I get enough meanless chatter in my inbox, and don't need to solict more by logging onto a blog.

Libra Co-op's TorontotheBetter project said...

I'm a supporter of meaningless, preferably "mean"-less, chatter, especially when it makes an important contribution to professional education, as this one does. I'd suggest that Jonathan shares his blog lessons learned with colleagues on a ragular basis. We call have something to learn, and teach, in these exploding knowledge times.

Hong Te said...

Nice job guys! Looking forward to sharing ideas here.